Organic Natural Dye Handbag

495 kr

This bag is handmade by quechua indigenous women who live in a community outside of Cusco. It is made of organic alpaca wool that is a soft, durable and luxurious natural fiber that´s warmer than sheepwool and free from lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic. The alpacas live good lifes kept in herds that graze freely on the Andes mountains and are sheared once a year. The selected wool is spun by hand into fine yarn with a simple spindle before using handpicked organic plants, minerals or cochineal to natural dye the yarn before the complex weaving process begins. The weaving techniques being used are hundreds of years old and is passed on from generation to generation. Every figurine in each pattern has a meaning and use as a symbolic language. Made of organic alpaca wool, 35x33 cm