Tagua nut necklace

149 kr

Tagua nut, also know as vegetable ivory, is the dried seed of the fruit that comes from the Tagua Palm tree which mainly grows in the Amazon Basin of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

One single tree is able to produce hundreds of nuts per year and the seeds are picked up from the ground without harming the tree after the ripe fruit has fallen. After drying for 8-12 weeks the seed becomes so hard and dense that it can be carved, polished and dyed into any color using normal fabric dyes. The natives in South America use Tagua to represent the feminine since they believe it has a great romantic energy and that a person wearing tagua will live in harmony and always be loved by family and friends. Tagua is very hard and durable but prolonged exposure to water or sun may cause damage or cracks or the color to fade so take care of your piece and it will last long and when finished using, the Tagua nut jewelry is compostable.